Wikimedia: Calvin Teo

7-Eleven Now Delivers Date Night and Hangover Kits Complete with Condoms and Red Bull


Wikimedia: Calvin Teo

7-Eleven: Helping you to add a little romance to your lives. 

Oh, thank heaven? 7-Eleven’s recently launched delivery service in partnership with DoorDash, in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, isn’t for door-to-door Slurpees (sadly). However, the mini-mart chain just announced new “convenience packs” for hangovers and date nights available for delivery only, including snacks and condoms.

The date night pack only costs $20 (plus a $2 delivery fee) and includes Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Hershey’s chocolate, Red Bull, Trident gum, and a three-pack of Trojan condoms. Talk about romantic! The hangover pack includes Gatorade and Advil, in case your “date night” the night before was a little rougher than expected.

But does this new cheeky delivery pack go too far? We all remember Budweiser’s hiccup earlier this year with their dubious “Up for Whatever” campaign and “Removing no from your vocabulary for the night” slogan. So far, the packages have actually been pretty popular, according to USA Today. The main complaint has been a distinct lack of beer and Slurpee delivery options.


Now that we know that 7-Eleven wants to be your wingman, what can we expect next? According  Prahar Shah, director of business development at DoorDash, alcohol delivery may actually be in 7-Eleven’s future. Look for a Game Day pack sometime soon with a six-pack of beer and popular tailgating snacks.