7-Eleven Has Made a Slurpee Doughnut and Junk Food Will Never Be the Same

7-Eleven has defied all scientific logic and created a non-frozen wild cherry Slurpee-flavored doughnut

We’re not entirely sure why this exists, but it comes as no surprise.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you deep-fried a slushie?Wonder no more: 7-Eleven is now selling wild cherry Slurpee-flavored, non-frozen doughnuts.

If you’re scratching your head wondering how that would even work, think of it more like an iced cherry doughnut topped with crystal sprinkles meant to emulate the look of the famous 7-Eleven Slurpee. Inside, the doughnut is “speckled with bits of pink,” according to Brand Eating.

These limited edition baked goods are part of 7-Eleven’s 50th birthday celebration party, and will be offered for a mere 99 cents. Rumor has it there may even be a wild cherry-flavored coffee released sometime later this year to accompany the Slurpee doughnut.


But until that happens, we wouldn’t judge you (too much) for buying a few Slurpee doughnuts to dunk into your wild cherry Slurpee. You can even bring along your own drink receptacle on March 18 and March 19 to fill with as much Slurpee as you want.