45 Cases of Salmonella Reported At Chipotle Restaurants in Minnesota; Five People Hospitalized

These cases came from 17 different Chipotles across the state, most of them in the Twin Cities metro area

Photo Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 4.0

There has been no word yet on whether any other states have been affected.

Health and agriculture officials in Minnesota are investigating 45 cases of salmonella from various Chipotle locations in the state.

The Minnesota Department of Health found that 32 of these cases took place at 17 different restaurants — most of them in the Twin Cities metro area. It is likely that these people ate at Chipotle between August 16 and August 26.

Officials are still working to figure out what exactly made these people sick. So far, five people have hospitalized and all of them are recovering.

“Chipotle has been extremely proactive in collaborating with investigators to quickly control the outbreak and identify its source,” Dana Eikmeier, epidemiologist for the Foodborne Diseases Unit of the Minnesota Department of Health, said in a statement.

So far, the salmonella cases have only been reported in Minnesota and there is no evidence that any other states have been affected.


The USDA recently passed new food safety rules, requiring food manufacturers to submit how clean their facilities and equipment are, following several deaths from foodborne illnesses.