$40 For Two Burgers, a Milkshake, and Fries Is Now a Reality at McDonald’s

It’s easy to rack up the price with the new McDonald’s customizable burger menu, as menu testers can vouch for

Would you expect to pay $16.55 for a burger at McDonald’s?

It used to be that taking your date out to McDonald’s for dinner was a cheap date, but maybe not so much anymore.McDonald’s began offering their new “Create Your Taste” customizable burger programs in franchises across the country earlier this year.People are definitely getting imaginative with their McCreations, but here’s something to consider: it’s really easy to spend way too much money on a customized McDonald’s burger.

YouTube star Casey Neistat tweeted a photo of his McDonald’s burger receipt: he spent nearly $40 on two burgers, a milkshake and a large order of fries. One burger alone cost $16.55. To be fair, Neistat did add a whole slew of toppings to his burger including Sriracha mayo, bacon, shaved parmesan, three scoops of guacamole, and several types of cheese, but a bill that large from a fast food joint is still an impressive feat.


"McDonald's management does not know what we want to be," one franchisee told Business Insider. "Expensive and slow custom burgers in the same restaurant where we sell the Dollar Menu?"