Customizable, 3D printed food is really catching on.


3D Printed Pizza Is Coming to a Theme Park Near You

The 3D printer designed by NASA is coming to concession stands at concert arenas and theme parks across America

Once upon a time, when we thought we’d be sending people to Mars much sooner, a team of scientists worked on a space-grade 3D printer that astronauts could use to easily cook food in zero gravity. Although the mission to Mars isn’t quite ready, the 3D printing technology is.

Researcher Anjan Contractor started BeeHex to bring customizable 3D printing technology to theme parks, concert venues, sports arenas, and other similar venues. His food of choice is, of course, pizza. Customers can order their customized pizza through an app, pay remotely, then when unseen hands are done making it, they can pick it up at a nearby location.

“One thing we’re trying to solve is the half time bottleneck when everyone rushes concessions,” Jordan French, BeeHex chief marketing officer, told Vice.

BeeHex’s machine is designed so that chefs can insert pre-made ingredients into separate sauce, cheese, and dough nozzles. The machine is also self-cleaning and can reset itself every four minutes.

The company is also starting to experiment with chocolate and frosting, so there’s definitely more 3D food in our future.  

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