More than one-third of the party was sickened by an outbreak of norovirus.

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200 People Sickened After Massive Norovirus Outbreak at Catered Event in Seattle

A reported 200 people have been sickened and two hospitalized after a major catered event in a Seattle skyscraper this past week

Just weeks after the massive Chipotle E. coli scandal died down, another large-scale food poisoning outbreak has been reported. At least 200 people were sickened and two hospitalized after a major catered event that took place in Seattle this past week resulted in the spread of a norovirus bacterium.

Approximately 600 people had attended the event on December 1 in the cafeteria at Russel Investments Center. The event was catered by Bon Appetit Management Co. 

“The source of this illness remains unclear, and we are as eager as anyone to learn precisely how and when it began," the catering company said in a statement. "We have worked with our food safety experts to disinfect the surfaces in our facility and have taken all other necessary steps to ensure food safety."

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Norovirus is a foodborne illness that leads to stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea, according to the CDC. Norovirus is the most common cause of food poisoning outbreaks in America, causing approximately 19 million to 21 million illnesses and 570-800 deaths annually.