$100 and the Essay of a Lifetime Will Get You the Deed to This Restaurant and Bar

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$100 and the Essay of a Lifetime Will Get You the Deed to This Restaurant and Bar

Do you have the writing and restaurant chops to take over this chef’s two businesses?

Nicholas Petti, a chef in Fort Bragg, California, has outgrown his restaurant Mendo Bistro and its neighboring venue BarBelow, and he’s looking for the right successor.

Petti, who is also a tenured professor at Mendocino College, has decided to pass the torch — but the chosen restaurateur will need two things: $100 and the perfect 250-word essay, postmarked by the end of the contest, December 18.

Petti will only review a maximum of 7,500 entries, and the best 20 “will undergo a final judging by a three-person independent panel,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Spelling, structure, and everything else you learned in your English composition class counts.

Specifically, the chef–professor is looking to hear about an applicant’s relevant experience, why he or she is right for the job, and his or her vision for the future of the establishments.

“(Sixteen years ago), I was able to open a restaurant on the Mendocino Coast with very little money because people believed in my vision,” Petti told the Chronicle. “I would like for someone else to have the same opportunity.”

Check out the official contest rules online at Mendo Bistro

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