10 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Australian Chef Adam Liaw On Social Media

If you've never heard of Adam Liaw, you may want to start paying attention.

Liaw is based in Sydney, Australia and was the second season winner of MasterChef Australia. The chef was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia when he was little.

He is also the host of the television show Destination Flavour Down Under on the Australian network SBS. And, if that weren't enough for his résumé, he has also published three cookbooks and is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal's Scene Asia.

Liaw has quite a following on his social media sites, and for good reason. He tweets witty tidbits on Twitter and knows how to take immaculate photos of food. We are big fans, and here are 10 reasons why you should start following him on social media, too.

1. He posts the most mouthwatering photos of food (obviously).

Just as importantly, he definitely knows how to present his food.

2. He just came out with a new book.

Asian Cookery School hit stores on September 15. This is Liaw's third cookbook and he shows how to make simple Asian dishes at home. Some recipes include basic dumplings, Pad Thai, and green tea ice cream.

3. He's has the cutest family.


Father's Day would be nothing without these guys. I hope all the dads are having a great day!

A photo posted by Adam Liaw (@liawadam) on

The Best Father Award goes to Liaw for sure!

4. He has a great sense of humor.


Today's lunch. Great yum cha, but the portions seem a little small.

A photo posted by Adam Liaw (@liawadam) on

Did he get bigger or did the yum cha set just shrink? We're not sure.

5. He knows how to travel.

We wish we could dine like that at airports all of the time.

6. He loves sports.

Sports = life.

7. He's the best role model.


Never too early to learn how to cook.

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Gotta start 'em out at a young age!

8. He's proud of his heritage.

We also love that he watches movies with his grandma.

9. He gives great advice on how to tackle the world.

Words to live by.

10. He gets as excited as we do about eating food.

And that's pretty awesome.