'Duckathlon' Celebrates Farm-to-Table with Renowned Chefs


New York's chefs and farmers will join forces for Duckathlon 2014.

On June 14th, several of New York City’s best chefs will partner up with organic farmers at the Metropolitan Pavilion for the 2014 Duckathlon Festival, an interactive exploration of the farm-to-table movement presented by organic poultry and game purveyor D’Artagnan.

Designed to teach consumers more about the foods they eat every day, the festival will include interactive challenges, demonstrations from chefs, and prizes.

Duckathlon’s chefs include David Waltuck, Anita Lo, Chad Brauze, Damon Wise, and others. The chefs will team up with farmers to create around 25 interactive challenges for teams of four consumers, including a “swine anatomy” pig puzzle with chef Waltuck and Alex Aubin of St-Canut Farms, and a challenge of identifying where cuts of meat are located on an animal map.

The Duckathlon will also feature onstage challenges between chefs in a demo kitchen, including a Floating Island dessert-off between legendary French pastry chefs François Payard and Jacques Torres, and a hand-whipped mayonnaise contest (using only a two-pronged fork) between chefs Anita Lo and Pierre Landet.

Tickets are available now for adults 21 and older for $60. Proceeds will benefit Action Against Hunger’s FoodLove initiative, which partners with food and beverage leaders to address sustainable solutions to world hunger.

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