You Can Now Make Classic Cocktails With a Keurig

Keurig KOLD system now has four new classic cocktail mixers including a Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan, and Old Fashioned

Keurig: Not just for your morning coffee mix anymore. 

Now you can brew cocktails with your Keurig machine. Keurig has released four classic cocktail mixes from its KOLD machine specifically made for cold beverages: A Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned mix from Union Street Lounge and Sparkling Cosmopolitan and Peach Julep mixes from Rita’s and Tina’s.

Rita’s and Tina’s are skinny cocktails at just 35 calories before adding alcohol to the mix, and the Union Street Lounge cocktails are instant renditions of the timeless vodka and whiskey cocktails. All four are made with a “touch of” bubbles.

“We’re excited to expand the variety of cocktail mixers now being offered alongside the Keurig KOLD drink-maker,” said Tara Murphy, Senior Vice President of Keurig KOLD. "The opportunity to make classic beverages all at the simple touch of a button makes entertaining at home easier and even more fun for cocktail lovers.”


This could be a serious game changer for the home-bartending game. Although, since last year, Sodastream has allowed users to carbonate any beverage (including alcohol). There’s also the Somabar device, which has been dubbed the Sodastream of mixed drinks.