You Can Never Order Coke Zero Again in These Countries

Coca-Cola has replaced Coke Zero with ‘Coke No Sugar’ in overseas markets, and it's supposed to taste more like original Coke

Coca-Cola Has a New Replacement for Coke Zero

Your beloved Coke Zero is officially off the shelves for good in some overseas markets. But good news, diet soda fans: Coca-Cola has a new replacement soda to fill that Coke Zero-sized hole in your heart. We already announced the big change when it was tested out last year in the U.K., and now Coke No Sugar (or Zero Sugar) is the replacement for Coke Zero in the U.K., Australia, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with South Africa expected to make the change later this year. For now, there are no plans to change Coke Zero’s name or formula in the United States.

Coke No Sugar, as its name implies, uses sweetener sparingly but is supposed to taste more like original Coke than any other diet soda substitutions.

“Coca-Cola Zero is already a great tasting drink, but we think with this new recipe, we’ve been able to get even closer to the taste of Coca-Cola Classic/Original Taste,” Coca-Cola’s press release said. “Coca-Cola Zero was launched more than 10 years ago to match the great taste of Coca-Cola. This is a new and improved recipe. The ingredients are the same but the taste is closer to Coca-Cola Classic, without the sugar.”

The revamp is part of Coca-Cola’s scramble to reverse downward trends in the soft drink market. Last year, sales of bottled water outsold soda for the first time, as consumers become ever-more health-conscious.


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