This Yoga Mat Holder is Actually a Beer Cooler Tube

This cooler looks like a yoga accessory so no one will judge you for your life choices

From Mountainsmith: “Is that a yoga mat on your back? Going fly fishing? Nope, it's time to party!”

Available from outdoor outfitter Mountainsmith, the Cooler Tube looks almost identical to a yoga mat carrier, but is built to carry a six-pack — stealthily.

It’s the perfect accessory if you need to avoid the judgmental stares of a roommate who knows you haven’t been to yoga, or for anyone who just wants to seem athletic when really he or she is about to drink some beer. It’s a double life, but someone’s got to live it.

Alternately, if you not a big fan of clunky coolers and you really do need a more efficient way to transport your beer (or more wholesome beverages), the Cooler Tube seems like a much sleeker way to get the job done.

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Also, just imagine how happy your friends will be if you show up to their apartments with what they believe to be your sweaty yoga mat and you reveal that it’s actually a cooler full of beer.