‘Wine Party’ T-Shirt Almost Prevented a Georgia Woman From Voting

We could all use a glass of wine after this election
Wine Party

Although a lot of media outlets predicted Hillary Clinton’s victory, Donald Trump will be the nation’s 45th president.

Voter Joanna Chesley was stopped from entering a Forsyth County, Georgia, polling station at 7:30 a.m. until she turned her shirt inside out. Her ironic T-shirt featured a ballot with a box checked for “wine party.”

Chesley, a cafeteria worker in Forsyth County’s school system, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a polling station volunteer would not let her enter under state laws that prohibit voters from promoting a candidate or party within 250 feet of any voter building and 25 feet from any voter in line.

"I can't believe I go to cast my vote for presidency of this country and my First Amendment rights are violated at the polls," Chesley said.

According to WXIA-TV / 11Alive, the volunteer saw that there wasn’t a candidate’s name on the shirt, but Chesley was still escorted to the bathroom to turn her shirt inside out. Chesley said her intention was not to intimidate other voters.

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"This election has everyone on edge," she said. "It was meant to make people laugh and relax."