The Willy Wonka Duo of Gastronomy Has Created a Psychedelic, Edible Wonderland

The Stella Artois Le Savoir event is a bizarre buffet for the senses, as orchestrated by culinary wizards Bompas & Parr
An interactive culinary playground paired with the Stella Artois event: How do they do it?

Stella Artois via Getty Images

An interactive culinary playground paired with the Stella Artois event: How do they do it?

Pineapple-flavored mist, poured in unison by mysterious servers dressed all in white, cascades over long banquet tables. Somewhere off in the distance, performers tumble on the tabletops and a man with a red, glittery beard recites flowery poetry. The Roots — led by Questlove — then come on stage to rock the house with a New Orleans-inspired hip hop set.

This might sound like a drug-induced dream or a Fellini movie, but it’s the scene of one of the renowned Bompas & Parr events in collaboration with 45 Degrees (the people behind Cirque du Soleil), as sponsored and hosted by Stella Artois. Bompas & Parr — a studio that curates artistic and often bizarre culinary events and experiences—focused  on dissecting and appreciating the elements of flavor found in a glass of Stella Artois for Le Savoir.

The entire event is basically a highly ornamental advertisement, albeit an effective one. The multisensory experience invited exploration of different elements, but there was only had one drink of the evening. Participants moved around from station to station, tasting edible soil and sampling pork and glow-in-the-dark globes of gelatin, all while the chalices of the golden Stella beer were flowing.

“This is a massive operation, it has a crew of 400 people,” Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr told The Daily Meal. “We decided to use the four seasons to shape and choreograph peoples’ sense of taste and smell.  You can discover the different nuances within the beer and we thought we should romanticize the taste of the beer. You become the hero of your own adventure in a glass of beer tonight.”


Le Savoir took place over the course of several nights in New York City, but was also held in Montreal earlier this summer and will be traveling to Buenos Aires in the fall.