Wendy’s Will Start Selling Organic Tea, But It Will Cost You More Than Soda

Wendy’s will start selling Honest Tea, brewed fresh on-site, at their fast food restaurants nationwide

I may be having a fast food burger and fries, but hey, I ordered a side of organic tea!

Organic and fast food are usually not two terms that you see together in one menu, but Wendy’s is looking to change that. Don’t get too excited: they aren’t introducing farm-fresh kale or grass-fed Kobe beef burgers. But baby steps first. Wendy’s announced that they will begin brewing Honest Tea, an organic tea brand and subset of Coca-Cola, on location at each of their restaurants nationwide, making Wendy’s one of the first-ever fast food restaurants to offer an organic item on their menu.

Sadly, the tea will cost slightly more than soda, at $1.69 per drink, as compared with the average $1.39 price for a small soda, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Employees will add fair-trade sugars and flavors to the Honest Tea. They will also sell an exclusive flavor on-site: Honest Tropical Green Tea.  Honest Tea founder Seth Goldman says that he hopes to almost triple current sales of the packaged organic tea product to $500 million by 2020.


This isn’t Wendy’s first attempt to have a healthier menu: earlier this year, they took soda off the kids’ menus, which was followed by similar actions from Burger King and McDonald’s.