Wealthy Americans with College Degrees Drink More Than Other Americans, Poll Finds

This Gallup poll finds that rich and educated Americans may drink more because they can afford to

This Gallup poll found that beer is the preferred drink among Americans and wine is preferred among the wealthy and educated.

If you’re rich and well educated, you probably drink more than other Americans.

According to a Gallup poll, eight out of 10 adults in this socioeconomic group drink. The poll found that 78 percent of Americans who make $75,000 in annual household income and 80 percent of Americans who graduated from college enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Gallup suggests that income and education are an effective way to measure Americans’ alcohol consumption. People with a higher socioeconomic status have more money to buy alcohol, dine out at restaurants, or socialize with coworkers.

Higher-income and well-educated adults said that they do not overindulge in alcohol. Data showed that college graduates are significantly less likely to overdrink compared to non-college graduates. But, some poll participants could be dishonest about their overdrinking habits because they do not want to exhibit undesirable behavior on a public survey, so these numbers could actually be higher among both parties.

College graduates who drink said that wine is their drink of choice. Forty-four percent of college graduates said they prefer wine, while 35 percent prefer beer. But 42 percent of everyone who was polled said they prefer beer over the 34 percent who favored wine.


This poll is based on telephone interviews conducted by Gallup from July 8 to 12.