Watch: Jose Cuervo Makes The First Maragarita Frozen By Outer Space

As part of National Margarita Day on February 22, an unofficial food holiday that nonetheless matters a lot to some people, Jose Cuervo became the first company, or any entity, really, to make a margarita in space.

As seen in the video, once the Cuervo capsule brings the margarita mixer to "Martian conditions" just above the ozone layer, mixing begins.

Then the margarita actually leaves the Earth's atmosphere and is momentarily in space, punctuated by what looks like celebratory burst of silly string, or something else more space-safe. The margarita begins its descent to Earth once again.

Although we don't get to see anyone actually drink the space margarita, we bet it tasted rather special.

Dr. Peter Smith, professor emeritus of the University of Arizona's Department of Planetary Sciences, narrates this very important feat of human engineering.

Watch below:  

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