V8 Hops on the Juicing Trend Train with New Vegetable Blend Beverages


Get your juice on without lifting a finger to a blender.

Juice used to be simple: it came in bottle or a can, and you had it with your breakfast. But now, homemade juicing using fruits and vegetables with high nutrition content is everywhere. And a very familiar juice brand is joining the green (and purple, and yellow) juice trend: V8Campbell’s, which produces V8, has just released four new juices: Healthy Greens (spinach, yellow carrots, apples, and pineapple), Purple Power (purple carrots, beets, and apples), Golden Goodness (sweet potatoes, yellow and orange carrots, and orange), and Carrot Mango. Each is 60 calories or fewer per serving, and has zero added sugar. 

“With this new line, we set out to meet the changing tastes and healthier lifestyle needs of consumers by delivering juice blends that are delicious, with a more desirable ingredient panel, namely presence of vegetable nutrition,” said Kelli McCusker, vice president of beverage at Campbell Soup Company. “We love the ‘juicing’ trend because that is what we have always been about at V8. This launch combines our vegetable blending heritage with a growing behavior and brings it to consumers in accessible, affordable, and delicious ways so everyone can participate.”


If you haven’t started juicing yet, now might be a good time, because, according to the CDC, less than one in three Americans gets the recommended servings of vegetables per day. A glass of any of the new V8 flavors counts for one serving of vegetables.