Flickr / Alex Brown / CC BY 2.0

UPS Launches New Wine Program in France

Program gives vintners and wine shippers the resources they need to safely deliver their wares

Flickr / Alex Brown / CC BY 2.0

Wine is France’s second largest export, with 138 million cases of wine exported in 2015 alone.

UPS Capital, a subsidiary of UPS that “provides supply chain financial, insurance, and payment services”, has extended its UPS Customized Declared Value for Wine program, previously only available in Italy, to vintners and wine shippers in France.

The program gives wine shippers “everything they need to ship and protect their product,” according to a release. This includes packaging consulting, custom shipping pricing, and loss and damage protection.

The release continues, “By subscribing to the UPS Customized Declared Value for Wine program, vintners can offer their customers a high-end service with full protection for the value of their order.”

“In the past, businesses have faced many challenges when shipping wine, including cork push, seepage, temperature issues, and breakage,” said Jorge Navarro, vice president of UPS Capital Europe. “The UPS Customized Declared Value Program for Wine will change the way businesses approach shipping their wine, reducing their risk all in one stop.”


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