This Unstainable White Shirt Repels Coffee and Wine Like Nobody’s Business

New unstainable shirts from Elizabeth & Clarke really do repel stains using nanotechnology
This Unstainable White Shirt Repels Coffee and Wine Like Nobody’s Business

Water- and oil-based stains don’t stand a chance. Coffee and wine literally run off the fabric of this shirt.

Put your beloved Tide stick away, ladies and gentlemen of the tippy coffee cups and overflowing wine glasses. This new shirt from Elizabeth & Clarke repels any and all water- and oil-based stains, including coffee, wine, salad dressing, and perspiration. It sounds like a kitschy laundry detergent commercial, but without the smiling moms happily folding laundry. Elizabeth & Clarke believe they have created the world’s first true stain-resistant shirt fabric, and have started a Kickstarter to bring the technologically advanced clothing to life.

The Unstainable Shirt is made from nanotechnology that works on a molecular level to literally repel any liquid spilled onto it. As seen in the Kickstarter video, coffee and wine literally run right off the fabric. How does it work? Each fiber in the shirt is 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand, creating low surface friction so that the offending stain just slides right off.

The shirt is available in various styles, all named after famous Elizabeths: The White (a classic button-down), the Liz Lemon (a white T-shirt), the Arden (a sleeveless button-down), and the Parker (a classic blouse fit).

Never drink your morning coffee in fear again!

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