Flickr / John Loo / CC BY 2.0

The University of Florida Women’s Basketball Team Sneakily Dodges NCAA Powerade Sponsorship

That’s not Powerade they’re drinking

Gator pride. Though the NCAA Tournament is sponsored by Powerade, the University of Florida Women’s Basketball team is staying true to their beverage of choice, Gatorade.

According to SB Nation, Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida, so “of course they drink that.”

The team has decided to fill NCAA Powerade-branded bottles with Gatorade, indicating the misleading contents with an asterisk, according to this tweet by Paul Schwedelson, sports reporter for Syracuse.

Gatorade rose to prominence at the University of Florida in the 1960s as the “replenishing drink” of choice for the school’s football players, according to First We Feast. The school has made $281 million off the drink from its 20 percent cut of the royalties, according to a 2015 ESPN article.

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