Two Oregon Breweries Team Up to Make Frosted Flakes Beer

And it sounds grrreat!
Frosted Flakes Beer

Coin Toss Brewing

The beer was made in a limited-edition, 10-barrel batch using 25 pounds of Frosted Flakes cereal.

The worlds of craft beer and cereal collided in an epic collaboration between two Oregon-based companies, Montavilla Brew Works and Coin Toss Brewing, KATU2 reported.

The brewers created a super-limited 10-barrel batch of the “Catch a Tiger” IPA, which required 25 pounds of Frosted Flakes cereal “mashed with pilsner malt and five other specialty grains.”

It made its debut at Montavilla Brew Works on Sept. 16, and at Coin Toss Brewing on Sept. 18.

Michael Kora, the owner of Montavilla Brew Works, and Tim Hohl, the owner of Coin Toss Brewing, are both Detroit natives. “Since Battle Creek, Michigan is home to Kellogg’s, Frosted Flakes seemed like a fun opportunity to celebrate our shared Michigan roots,” Kora said.

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