Turn Your Tears Into Cocktail Bitters at London Workshop

UK-based artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr give new meaning to putting ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ into your work

Gift your loved one a bottle of your bitter tears this holiday season.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, the creators of breathable alcohol, are now offering a workshop in which you can turn your tears into bitters, which can be bottled and used to make drinks. “Having difficulty thinking of a present for your friend or lover who has everything? What could be more meaningful than the gift of you,” reads the event page.

The Bitter Tears workshop is being hosted at The Studio in London, a space owned by Bompas and Parr, from December 7 through 9. Tickets are already sold out, but the studio is working on organizing additional sessions due to popular demand.

According to the workshop website, there are three types of tears: basal, reflex, and psychic tears. The website reads, “We will aim to extract all three by various methods, from massage and menthol, in order to distil the finest bottle of bitters. Then you’ll select your aromatic herbs and spices and infuse or tincture them in high proof spirit. Then you’ll name and dedicate your bitters and make like a medieval monk in his scriptorium to pen a fine, festive label.”


Studio manager Erris de Stacpoole tells The Huffington Post, "There are stories from the American Civil War where women were said to have cried into bottles and saved them for when their husbands came home. It has a sort of magic about it, saving these emotions."