Trump Thinks Budweiser Changed Its Name to ‘America’ Because of Him

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Donald Trump says the temporary Budweiser name change to America is a ‘clear sign’ of a future presidential win
Crack open a cold one with the guy who wants to “make America great again.”

Budweiser/ Wikimedia Commons

Crack open a cold one with the guy who wants to “make America great again.”

Earlier this week, we reported on Budweiser’s temporary patriotic name change to America. Although most would think of the idea as a patriotic move from one of the most American brands out there, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee wants to take the credit.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Trump was asked if he thought the new Budweiser marketing strategy had anything to do with his “Make America Great Again” slogan. While admittedly a leading question, Trump answered with this quip:

“I think so; they’re so impressed with what our country will become that they decided to do this before the fact,” Trump said in a phone interview. The presidential hopeful has maintained, however, that he is a teetotaler.

Budweiser has said that 12-ounce bottles and cans will be repackaged to reflect the name change from May 23 until the November presidential election. Anheuser-Busch has not yet responded to requests for comment. 

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