Trader Joe’s Issues Recalls Over Exploding Bottles of Ginger Beer

Trader Joe’s has recalled its own brand of “’Triple Ginger Brew’” over reports that unopened bottles have shattered
Usually it’s exploding bottles of Champagne we have to worry about!

Trader Joe's 

Usually it’s exploding bottles of Champagne we have to worry about!

Did you recently stock up on Trader Joe’s ginger beer to adorn your holiday table? You should probably listen up, because they could lead to a very explosive Christmas dinner. Trader Joe’s has issued a massive voluntary recall of its store brand Triple Ginger Brew after reports of customers witnessing their unopened bottles shattering or bursting. The precautionary recall was issued before anyone got hurt.

Trader Joe’s says that the recall includes all varieties of the 24.5-ounce soda sold nationwide between November 9 and December 14. The soda can also be identified by the number SKU 51857.

“If you have any of this product, please handle it with extreme care and dispose of it immediately in an outside container,” Trader Joe’s said in a statement. Customers who have already purchased the drink are entitled to a full refund and can get one by calling the Trader Joe’s customer relations hotline at 626-599-3817.

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This is not an uncommon problem, to say the least. Last year we reported on thousands of prosecco bottles being recalled for similar bursting bottles. The issue, according to Gizmodo, is likely to do with re-fermentation which causes a steady build-up of pressure from inside the bottle, eventually causing an unwanted explosion.