Tired Of Fruitless Searching? Now You Can Order A Personalized 'Share A Coke With...' Bottle

One of the most successful Coca-Cola marketing campaigns of all time (besides the ever-popular Christmas polar bears) is the "Share a Coke With..." campaign, which personalizes Coca-Cola soda bottles with names and relationships (like best friend, sister, boyfriend, and father).The simple concept sent people on a treasure hunt for their own name or their significant other's name, leading them to buy more Coke.

However, if you find yourself running into Mikes and Matts, even though your name is Stephen, or if you can't find yourself on the 250-name master list on Coke's website, never fear: Now you can personalize your own glass Coke bottles. In the tradition of the personalized Jelly Belly jelly beans, you can ostensibly share a Coke with anyone for $5. Coca-Cola suggests a personalized Coke bottle for sports fans, birthday party guests, and wedding parties.

Plus, free shipping is available for orders of 12 bottles or more.