These Brooklyn Chocolatiers Have Perfected Non-Alcoholic Chocolate Beer

The Mast Brothers, known for their artisan chocolate, have perfected a non-alcoholic brew made entirely from chocolate

Wikimedia: Blanxart / Shutterstock

Some people may ask ‘why?’ But chocoholics will respond with ‘why not?’

Chocolate-flavored beer is nothing new. You can find Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, for instance, in many beer stores. But Brooklyn-based chocolatiers the Mast Brothers went one step further: They created a beer made with nothing but cold-brewed cacao beans, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. No flavorings: just literally a beer made entirely from chocolate.The catch? It’s actually a non-alcoholic beer. Think of it as a kid-friendly frothy drink like root beer.

Right now, the chocolate beer isn’t bottled; you can only get the two varieties, Brooklyn Blend and Vanilla Smoke, at the Mast Brothers chocolate factory in Brooklyn. However, they might have plans to bottle it down the road, according to The Huffington Post. There may also be lime and cinnamon flavors in the future.


Even though it’s a non-alcoholic beer with no hops, the process for making the chocolaty brew is very similar to making actual beer. The brothers brew the cacao beans for 24 hours in the same stainless-steel fermentation tanks used to make craft beer. Delish suggests pairing this brew with bourbon or rye to give it a boozy kick.