Targeting Twenty-Somethings, Kraft Introduces Coffee in Squeeze Bottles

Maxwell House has created an at-home alternative to your iced coffee routine, if that’s something you want

Expect a lot of hashtags in the upcoming marketing campaign. 

In the latest bid to tap into the millennial mentality, Kraft Foods Group has introduced coffee in squeeze bottle form.

The new Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrates, or what Crain’s Chicago Business called “Mio with caffeine,” offer a sweetened coffee syrup that’s meant to be mixed with water or milk and then poured over ice.

According to Crain’s, the new coffee innovation is the result of careful market research showing that “about 40 percent of iced coffee is consumed away from home and most likely purchased at a coffeehouse like Starbucks.”

Maxwell House hopes to appeal to those iced coffee lovers who would rather not spend as much for store-made iced coffees but “lack the confidence to make it themselves,” said Chris McClement, the brand’s senior director.


Although it’s hard to imagine that Maxwell House will successfully convince coffee-loving millennials to change their long-ingrained Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts habits, you have to hand it to Kraft for giving it a shot. Once again, twenty-somethings, congratulations on being difficult to figure out.