A Tall Starbucks Latte Will Cost You a Staggering $12.32 in This Country

A new infographic shows the price-adjusted cost of a Starbucks latte in 44 countries, and Russia was the most exorbitant

In post-Soviet Russia, Starbucks latte buy you.

Starbucks lattes may be seen as a bit of a pricey indulgence in American culture, but buying a morning latte from the biggest coffee chain in the world is a lot more extravagant in certain other countries. A recent study from consumer research group Value Penguin calculated the cost (in U.S. dollars) of a tall latte from Starbucks in 44 countries around the world, adjusting for relative cost of other goods in those countries.

The results were pretty shocking. Russia had the worst price adjustment: A tall Starbucks latte there costs the equivalent of $12.32, a full four dollars more than the next-priciest latte ($8.21 in Indonesia). The country that was the closest to the United States in price was Australia, where a tall Starbucks latte will cost relatively $2.86, just nine cents more than an American version.

“In all countries, the relative cost of that Starbucks cup was higher than in the U.S., but there was variation in how much higher it was,” the Value Penguin research findings read. “The figure we show, then, essentially represents the sticker shock, from mild to major, that you’d feel if you lived in the country, making a local salary, and perused the prices at one of the local Starbucks. Put another way, it’s how pricey that drink would seem to a local latte drinker, in light of what most things cost in the country.”

The top 10 list of the priciest lattes is below, and you can find the full list here.

Russia $12.32

Indonesia $8.21

Vietnam $8.18

Thailand $8.04

India $7.99

Egypt $7.59

Malaysia $7.23

China $7.18

Saudi Arabia $7.08


Poland $6.74Here