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Take Your Coffee in a Cone at This Australian Café

Coffee in a cone is still one of the most Instagrammable drinks on social media

Sabtarin / Shutterstock

The waffle cone is coated in chocolate to prevent any leaks.

Baristas are always finding ways to make drinking coffee fun — including one Australian café that started serving lattes in avocados. Another café in the Gold Coast region is now serving up coffee in waffle cone, a trend that went viral last year with an offering from a South African café.

Salt Meats Cheese is now keeping the Instagram hashtag “#CoffeInACone” alive by serving coffee in a waffle cone coated with chocolate (to prevent leaks) to its customers, and according to waitress Sarah Clark, people love it, reported.

“The cappuccino cone is the crowd pleaser but you can have whichever coffee you want in the cone and kids can get hot chocolate in it,” Clark said.

Although coffee seems to be the preferred drink of choice, customers can get any hot drink served in a waffle cone, but you only have around 15 minutes before the protective chocolate layer starts melting.

The coffee in a cone trend was widely reported in 2016 when the Grind Company in Johannesburg, South Africa, started serving the coffee/dessert hybrid.

According to Dayne Levinrad, a barista at the Grind Company, how photogenic the coffee was wasn’t a coincidence, CNN reported.

“We used the cone as a way to become an Instagrammable product. When people come in they take a selfie and tag #coffeeinacone,” he said.

A café in Tokyo called Coffee Cone is really capitalizing on the Instagram-worthy treats with its own colorful variations including sprinkles and smiley face latte art.

The café also serves matcha, as well as traditional ice cream, in a cone.


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