Taco Bell Is Testing Out Beer and Slushies with Rum and Vodka


We imagine that this particular menu will be popular with the late-night Taco Bell enthusiasts.

While most fast food chains are scrambling to rebrand their images as nutritious and health-conscious, Taco Bell is over here adding alcohol to their menu. We reported last week that Taco Bell had announced that they would be testing out some over 21 beverages, and this week a menu was confirmed by Thrillist. The Wicker Park Taco Bell in Chicago will serve “Twisted Freezes”: flavored slushies with added rum, tequila, or vodka. That’ll certainly make your Quesalupa a whole lot loopier.

Although the news isn’t official yet, and has not been confirmed by Taco Bell, the Wicker Park specials will include these “Twisted Freezes” as well as Corona beer, according to Thrillist. We’re hoping that one day Taco Bell will also graduate to giant margaritas to go along with our Doritos Locos tacos, but one can only dream. The business license does stipulate that alcoholic beverages would be served at the counter, so, sadly, Chicago’s Taco Bells won’t be installing bars anytime soon.


Here’s to hoping we’ll be able to “live (it up) mas” at Taco Bells across the nation soon.