Taco Bell Is Now Serving Energy Drink Slushies

Taco Bell is testing out a Rockstar energy drink Freeze to add to their lineup of frozen slushies

This sounds like something the midnight T-Bell crew would enjoy.

First Taco Bell excited us with the introduction of a Starburst Freeze, and then things got really crazy with the brand new alcoholic slushies. Now the latest frozen concoction from the “Live Mas” squad is frozen energy drinks.That’s right, Taco Bell is testing out Rockstar Punched, a frozen, fruit punch-flavored Rockstar Energy Drink.

Right now you can only get the Rockstar Punched Freeze in Tennessee, according to Brand Eating, but there may be plans to roll out the caffeine-infused slushie nationwide sometime soon.

Taco Bell is known for their co-branded drinks, including the long-awaited Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze and Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze. These concoctions are usually limited edition and only stick around on Taco Bell menus for a short time.


A frozen energy drink certainly has people talking: