This Start-Up Allows Brewers and Beer-Lovers to Buy and Sell Beer Kits

Make your own beer at home using recipes from your favorite breweries with Kit Lab

Making your own beer from your favorite craft brewery? It’s harder than ordering a pint at the bar, but still very satisfying. 

Brewing your own beer takes a lot of time (and bathtub space), although it’s usually pretty rewarding. But what if you could forego that nondescript homebrew for beer recipes from your favorite craft breweries? We would sign up for that. The Kit Lab is doing exactly that with a cross between Etsy and a digital cookbook.

The Kit Lab will launch their Kickstarter on April 2. If all goes well, beer enthusiasts will be able to browse for recipes from local breweries, beer clubs, and beer kit producers, like Harvest Cascade IPA, Retro Bomber 1995 IPA, Jack 'The Stout' Skellington, and Highlander Grog (Scotch ale).


Kit Lab is cutting all brewers a portion of the proceeds. Brew clubs, non-profits, brewing publications and breweries can all upload the recipes for their bestselling or favorite brews; they will be paid $1 per gallon sold. If you’re interested, all you have to do is click on a recipe that you’re drawn to and the kit will show up to your door. Kit Lab has not yet released pricing platforms for home brewing kits.