Starbucks Supervisor Goes on Heated Rant Over Cookie Straw

The supervisor refused to let a customer pay and then accused her of stealing a cookie straw
Starbucks Supervisor Goes on Heated Rant Over Cookie Straw
Facebook/Ruby Chen

She was fired shortly after the incident.

The shift supervisor of a Starbucks in Elmhurst, Queens, had a pretty rough time with a customer over the proper way to request a special cookie straw.

On Facebook, customer Ruby Chen described her unfortunate exchange with an employee named Melissa, which began with Chen placing an order of one Frappuccino and one cookie straw.

As she was opening the Starbucks app on her phone, she didn’t hear another employee ask for her name.

Melissa began shouting at Chen, and when asked to bring over the store manager, identified herself as such. As Chen later learned, Melissa is not the manager of that particular location, although she is the shift supervisor.

As Chen attempted to pay, Melissa took the scanner away and accused Chen of trying to steal the straw.

In the video, Melissa can be heard insisting, “Give me the straw” over and over, and then telling another employee to call the cops.

Other customers soon stepped in to defend Chen, and Melissa began arguing with them instead.

Another customer filmed the majority of the exchange, and a Starbucks district manager later got in touch with Chen to inform her that Melissa had been fired from her position. 

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