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Starbucks’ New Cold Brew Mason Jar Is Only Available in Singapore

The company initially brought its cold brew to Singapore last summer

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The company first launched its cold brew in 2015 in the United States.

Starbucks has had an exciting few weeks, with the launch of its barrel-aged coffee, the announcement of its first location in Italy, and two new macchiato drinks. The company has added to this series of new products with the recent debut of cold brew in branded mason jars currently available in Singapore.

Last year, the company sold mason jars with green caps in South Korea, but the new limited-edition version comes with a black cap instead, Mashable reported.

The jars are emblazoned with the classic Starbucks mermaid logo and appear to come with a screw-top lid.

Don’t book your tickets to Singapore just yet; the company confirmed to Seventeen that the drinkware is only available in the Southeast Asian island “for now.”

The mason jars are currently available for 8.90 Singapore dollars ($6.30) retail or SG$5.90 ($4.20) with the purchase of a cold brew.


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