Starbucks Baristas’ Secret Coffee Tasting Guide Now Available to Customers

Coffee Passport was once a guide for baristas to learn coffee tasting notes and now the coffee company has made it public

Never wonder again where your Starbucks coffee came from.

Your baristas aren’t the only coffee experts around anymore. Starbucks wants to bestow the knowledge of the intricate bean to cup process upon its loyal customers. For the first time ever, the coffee giant will be making the Coffee Passport, a tasting guide used by employees for years, available to the public in the form of — what else? — an app.

The app allows you to explore the life cycle of 16 core Starbucks coffees, a dozen Reserve coffees, and several limited edition holiday flavors. You’ll see where the coffee was grown and how it was grown; you’ll be able to watch interviews with coffee farmers and video tutorials; and view recipes, as well as unique tasting notes of each coffee varietal.

“We are bringing Starbucks Coffee Passport to a web app platform in a way that honors the legacy and tradition this guidebook holds for our partners, while making coffee knowledge and coffee exploration exciting and easily accessible for partners and customers alike,” said Alexandra Wheeler, Starbucks vice president of global digital marketing.


It may have been originally conceived as a partner marketing tool, but according to Starbucks, the digital version of the Coffee Passport was designed with coffee-curious customers in mind.