This Spy-Themed Pop-Up Bar Makes You Crack Codes to Order Cocktails

The Bletchley in London has patrons donning secret identities to order drinks

Do you want your martini “shaken, not stirred”? Then you had better start working on those puzzle skills.

Grab your magnifying glass and your best disguise — the game is afoot! There’s a spy-themed popup bar in London that makes you crack top-secret codes to order your cocktail. By combining the mystery and puzzle-solving of an Escape the Room experience and the trendy exclusivity of many other kitschy themed bars (there is, after all, a 7,000-person waiting list), The Bletchley in London sounds like one heck of an experience.

The Bletchley — named after the headquarters of the famous World War II codebreakers — will only be open this week. Once inside, codebreakers will be given secret spy names and will use World War II-era cipher machines and puzzles to crack codes, à la Alan Turing in The Imitation Game or Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Dancing Men.” Once your patriotic duty has been completed and your life-saving code answers sent over the radio waves, mixologists will prepare a cocktail for you based on your personality, tastes, desires and — presumably — how well you do in the initial test.


Join the throngs of eager wannabe spies by putting your name on the waiting list here. Tickets cost £30 per person ($37 USD) and include three drinks.