Spanish Company Creates Blue Wine, a Quirky Summer Drink

The Spanish outfit Gik has created the distinctly colored wine out of a blend of red and white grape varieties
A bottle of the 11.5 percent ABV wine sells for around $11.


A bottle of the 11.5 percent ABV wine sells for around $11.

Who says wine must be red, white, or rosé? A few innovative Spaniards are trying to change everything we knowabout wine.

Their company, Gik, has released a blue wine that breaks from the traditional categorizations of red, white, or rosé. In fact, that was their intention; the company’s website urges consumers to “try to forget everything you know about wine.”

The company itself is also an outlier. It says that, unlike others involved in the wine industry, they are young creators “without any wine tradition.” Their creators were formerly designers, programmers, artists, and musicians.

The wine gets its distinctive blue tint from anthocyanin, a natural pigment in grape skin, as well as an indigo dye and a non-caloric sweetener.

The end result is a beautiful, semi-sweet wine that breaks from centuries of tradition. And after successful sales in Spain, the company is set to launch throughout Europe and the U.S. this summer.

As for the people behind Gik, this success hasn’t gotten to their head. Rather, they have maintained the same whimsical approach that has defined their company throughout. “Why a blue wine?, you wonder. And why not?”

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