Southern Comfort Introduces New Caramel Comfort, and an Updated Look

Caramel Comfort is the latest edition of ‘whiskey made comfortable’ from Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort Introduces New Caramel Comfort, and an Updated Look
Southern Comfort

Caramel Comfort will be available nationwide as of Monday, March 9.

Southern Comfort, the American whiskey-flavored liqueur first developed in 1874 by a New Orleans bartender, has announced the debut of its latest blend, Caramel Comfort.

Aside from a buttery caramel sweetness, Caramel Comfort has notes of vanilla, whiskey, and spice that are meant to work with any mixer, though Southern Comfort recommends you start with some ice and Sprite. If you prefer it straight up, that’s fine too.

The launch also coincides with the recent introduction of a more relaxed look for the full Southern Comfort brand, aimed toward millennial consumers who appreciate “the flavor of whiskey made comfortable.”

Caramel Comfort is being launched with the social media slogan “Whatever’s Comfortable,” part of a campaign in which Southern Comfort fans are encouraged to share their cocktail of choice, whether it’s an old classic or something never dreamed of before.

Caramel Comfort is available nationwide beginning Monday, March 9, wherever wine and spirits are sold.

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