Someone Made Beer Using Frozen Pizza and Money

The Norwegian beer is called Big Ass Money Stout
Frozen Pizza and Money Beer

Photo Modified: Flickr/Helen Penjam/CC 4.0 and Pixabay/TBIT

You’d have to pay money to drink money.

We have heard of beer made from Pop-Tarts, Count Chocula cereal, and Wheaties, but this Norwegian beer is actually made out of frozen pizza and money. And no, this is not a joke.

Mike Murphy is an ex-pat living in Norway who works at Norwegian brewery, Lervig Aktiebryggeri, in Stavanger. A reporter from Munchies, VICE’s food website, met up with Murphy and asked him to make a beer with a “Norwegian twist.”

Murphy suggested using a frozen pizza from the brand Grandiosa, which apparently sells over 40 million pizzas a year in Norway. Then, Murphy said that Norwegians are known for their money, as Norway is the richest country in the world. So, the two agreed to craft a beer made with those two ingredients.

The beer, called Big Ass Money Stout, is made with a coffee- and chocolate-flavored stout, a frozen ham and peppers Grandiosa pizza, 100 U.S. dollars, and 100 Norwegian krone. They made 6,000 liters of beer and tried to make it 20 percent alcohol by volume, but have not found out if it contains that much just yet.


Would you try it?