Slimer’s Back! Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Hi-C Ecto Cooler Drink

It looks like Hi-C’s popular fluorescent green drink from the 90s is making a comeback and has been spotted on shelves
The 90s were a simpler time… when we drank radioactive-colored juices and didn’t question it.

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The 90s were a simpler time… when we drank radioactive-colored juices and didn’t question it.

Something strange is returning to the neighborhood, much to the delight of thirsty Ghostbusters fans everywhere.

In late 2015, we shared the exciting news that Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler was making a comeback, and now it looks like the bright green lemon-lime drink is actually here. Eagle-eyed eBay users spotted the Ghostbusters-themed drink made from only 10 percent juice up for auction in can form (instead of the original juice box form).

However, according to Consumerist, the drink — which was probably still in its testing phase — was not supposed to be leaked yet, and was promptly removed from eBay.

Ecto Cooler was all the rage in the late 80s and early 90s during the height of the Ghostbusters movies’ popularity. The hue and branding of Ecto Cooler is a nod to Slimer — the films’ boisterous mischief-making green ghost. Ecto Cooler was rebranded in 2001 and disappeared from shelves altogether in 2007. But in September, Coca-Cola applied to renew the drink’s trademark. It’s been rumored that Ecto Cooler will be part of the merchandise lineup for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

If Ecto Cooler is indeed seen on shelves it will join other retro products like Surge and Crystal Pepsi that have been enjoying comebacks recently. 

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