Skip the Café Lines and Drink Nitro Coffee in Your Own Kitchen With the Nitro Slim Coffee Can

This German company wants to bring the nitro-coffee experience to you

Nitro-coffee has a consistency similar to that of beer, but tastes like iced coffee.

Nitrogen coffee, a trend mostly exclusive to cafés in the U.S., can now be experienced in your own home with the debut of Ardagh Group’s nitro slim coffee can.

Ardagh Group, a Germany-based packaging solutions company, saw potential in the trend as it shifted from the U.S. to Europe.

“We recognized there was a lot of opportunity for our brands to take the nitro coffee experience that consumers are used to having in these coffee cafes and taking it to the home environment,” Kendall Griffin, the beverage can communications manager of Ardagh Group told Beverage Daily

The nitro coffee can features a widget with a nitrogen-filled, in-can capsule that mirrors the on-tap coffee process, according to the Ardagh Group website.

The widget is activated once the can is opened, releasing nitrogen into the drink and producing a foamy top layer.

Starbucks also hopped on the nitro-coffee trend when it introduced the beverage to its menu this summer. 

Update as of Nov. 21,2016:


The nitro can is not commercialized as of yet, but Ardagh Group is in the process of talking to brands and is hoping to have an official product out by next year, according to the company's public relations team.