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This Sea-Inspired Beer Is Made With Lobsters and Seaweed

The limited-edition beer contains 7 percent ABV

Shutterstock / Charles Curtis

The brewery also sells beer inspired by sake, chocolate, and mushrooms.

Beer can be made with almost anything nowadays — there’s beer made from bonsai trees, sewer water, and even toast. Now there’s a new sea-inspired beer by the U.K.’s Wild Beer Co., and it’s made with 30 lobsters.

According to the brewery, the “Of The Sea” beer is made with lobsters, cockles, seaweed, sea salt, and sea herbs in addition to the standard grain mash.

Inspiration struck the team when co-founders Andrew Cooper and Brett Ellis held a brewery “bisque off” in honor of their favorite dish, lobster bisque, The Huffington Post reported. The team committed to minimal waste during the process by enjoying a lobster lunch after the now-cooked crustaceans were removed from the boil.

If you’re interested in trying the unofficial beer of the sea, you’d better hurry — only 120 kegs and 8,000 bottles were produced.


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