Scottish Police Go After Dial-a-Drink Services Used by Teens to Get Alcohol Delivered

Teenagers in Scotland are using social media to get alcohol delivered, at a huge markup

Glasgow’s police superintendent has vowed that anyone caught selling alcohol to underage drinkers will be prosecuted.

Police in Scotland have begun to track down underground dial-a-drink operations in Glasgow, which authorities say are being used by underage drinkers to get access to alcohol.

Last week, a local couple was arrested for running such a service online, and police are now looking to tackle a number of similar services in Scotland, which typically operate on social media. In Scotland, the sale of alcohol between midnight and 6 a.m. is illegal, but many of these services have been able to evade police detection by operating online for years, arranging deliveries for customers through dedicated websites and social media pages.

A number of these services also conduct these illegal delivery practices for the underage, often with a 300 percent markup, plus a delivery fee.


“We are aware of alcohol delivery services who deliver to underage children,” superintendent Thom McLoughlin told the Evening Times. “The people behind these websites don't care about who they are selling to, all they care about it profit.”