Scots Find 121-Year-Old Time Capsule That Contains a Bottle of Whisky

Construction workers found the time capsule in a bridge while doing repairs

This was the bottle of whisky stored in the time capsule.

People in Scotland unearthed a 121-year-old time capsule that contained a newspaper, paper scroll, and bottle of what appears to be whisky.

Construction workers from the infrastructure company Morgan Sindall were making repairs to a bridge in Kingussie, a town in Cairngorms, when they found the box buried within the bridge.

“It is fascinating to think these items have been sitting in the bridge’s structure for 121 years,” Robert Ogg, a Morgan Sindall worker, told the BBC.

The newspaper in the box was published September 29, 1894. All of the items have been donated to the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore.

Back in June, someone in England auctioned off a 140-year-old bottle of beer for $935, so presumably the people who discovered the whisky could have made some money off of it instead. Japanese researchers want to see how their whisky will age in space — storing it in a time capsule is another way to test this theory out.


It’s unclear whether anyone has tried to alcohol to confirm that the contents of the bottle are whisky, but we do wonder how it has aged over the past 100 years.