Sadly, Not All Wine Is Vegan: Here’s What You Should Watch Out For

Many wines use fining agents made from animal products to help keep wine clarified
Sadly, Not All Wine Is Vegan: Here’s What You Should Watch Out For

Sadly, keeping animals completely out of our diets (and weekend drinking habits) is tougher than we thought. 

If you’re green and animal-friendly, you’re probably thinking that wine is a safe bet. After all, wine is made from fermented grapes, and grapes (last we checked) are not animals. But unfortunately, if you’ve been slugging down some sauvignon with your tofu stir fry, we need to break some news to you: Not all wine is vegan.In fact, according to PETA, many wines are clarified with fining agents made from animal products. These fining agents help eliminate cloudiness and bitterness in wine, creating an aesthetically pleasing product and a more pleasant taste.

Fining agents don’t actually have to be made with animal byproducts, although they usually contain egg whites, gelatin, or fish eggs. According to WineMaker Magazine, these particles can be taken from seaweed, clay, and activated charcoal as well. Wines that are organic and vegan are known as natural wines, and they are growing in number every day.


If you’ve gone green but you still have a craving for a nice glass of wine every once in a while, you may want to take at this list PETA published of certified vegan wines. Examples include Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards, the Organic Wine Company, and Smithfield Wines.