Pulling Water Out of Thin Air: Have Scientists Found a ‘Magic’ Drought Solution?

This new device from Pacific AirWell Incorporated has the ability to generate water from the humidity of the air


If this really works, it could be a lifesaver for drought-stricken California.

As the drought continues to worsen on the West Coast and water rations become stricter, scientists are rushing to find creative solutions to the ongoing California water crisis. The newest one almost seems like magic: a device from Pacific AirWell that allows scientists to “pull” water out of thin air. But this is no magic trick — the atmospheric water generation system produces water from humidity in the atmosphere.

“We have a delivery system which allows for individual delivery systems to be full,” Matt Gray, the pitchman for Pacific AirWell, told CBS. “These units are ultra-efficient. They produce water from moisture in the air. So they can produce up to 600 gallons of drinkable water per day.”

The device only needs 30 percent humidity to run on a daily basis, making the California coastline the perfect candidate. Pacific AirWell pitched the idea to California legislators, who were immediately impressed. Could this be the end to the West Coast’s dry spell?


The water generators would cost taxpayers about $70,000 per industrial unit and $1,200 for the consumer size, according to CBS.