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Prosecco Sales Up by 24 Percent Compared to Those of Champagne in Europe

The sparkling wine industry continues to grow in both categories
sparkling wine

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Raise a glass of Prosecco this New Year’s Eve.

Prosecco and Champagne are both celebratory sparkling wines whose sales continue to grow in Europe.

To test the battle of the sparkling wines, retail analyst firm IRI conducted market research, which showed that Prosecco value growth is up 24 percent.

In terms of market value, Champagne is up by almost double, reaching $1.5 billion in 2016 in comparison to Prosecco at $838 million — however, 77 million volume liters of Prosecco were purchased, 25 percent more than Champagne, according to Beverage Daily.

“While Champagne growth appears to be slowing significantly across most of Europe (although up in other parts of the world) Prosecco continues to grow and grow in almost every market apart from the Netherlands,” Tim Eales, strategic insight director at IRI, told Beverage Daily.


In Europe, Germany had the highest sales for sparkling wine at $1.42 billion; the United Kingdom followed at $1.35 billion.