Popcorn Beer Is Real and Apparently Doesn’t Taste That Bad

Boomchickapop makes popcorn ale with a serving of the popular snack in every can, to be sold in limited batches
Popcorn-flavored beer makes us question everything.

Image c/o CBS Local Video

Popcorn-flavored beer makes us question everything.

We’ve seen some bizarre brews out there, like avocado, coconut, and doughnut-flavored beers, but this one has got to be on top of our list. Introducing popcorn beer made by Boomchickapop.

The popcorn beer, brewed in the style of Belgian ale, is made with an entire serving of popcorn in each can, in collaboration with Mankato Brewery and Angie’s Artisan Treats, the company behind the Boomchickapop brand.

"I’ve known [Angie’s Artisan Treats] owner Angie Bastian for a few years, and we were thinking at the brewery how a Belgian-style farmhouse ale could be made with Popcorn and Barley,” Mankato Brewery co-founder Tim Tupy told Men’s Journal.

Apparently the beer really isn’t bad either, and according to Men’s Journal, the popcorn “only lends a mild toasted aroma that blends with the barley character.”

Right now, the beer will be limited to Mankato Brewery's distribution in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin.

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