Personal Sommelier App Predicts Your Taste in Beer and Wine

Through data and science, Next Glass can learn your taste in alcohol, and predicts the types of beer and wine you might like

No more blind purchases at the liquor store.

This is one app you’ll definitely want to have in your pocket. Next Glass is the next step in sommelier technology: a smartphone application able to predict your taste in wine and beer simply based on the knowledge of at least five of your favorite bottles. Next Glass then “learns” your taste, and every time you take a photo, or search the name, of a bottle of wine, it will give you a score from 0-100, and recommend whether or not you should buy that pinot noir or Belgian stout that you’ve never heard of.

“We were at a fancy restaurant and flipping through a long wine list, the waiter came over and recommended a highly rated wine, and we got it, and thought it was terrible,” said Next Glass founder Kurt Taylor. “We decided that we wanted to figure out a universal language for wine and beer so people can discover bottles they actually like. The way we can do that is through science. And that’s how this all got started.”


Sound too good to be true? We were skeptical, but the technology behind the app is actually scientific. Thousands of bottles are available for you to rate in its database, and the bottles that you love? Next Glass has its molecular, caloric, and chemical components on file. The wine or beer that you next ask for will then be analyzed. Higher scores are given out to beers and wines that have similar “DNA” to your highly rated wines and beers. You can also upload the profile of a friend, so you can give a bottle of wine you know they’d actually like. The app is available for free with the Apple Store or Google Play.     

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi